We are a friendly, rural, small town kind of church. Our services consist of a mix of contemporary and traditional styles. We are an amalgamated congregation that is blessed with differing strengths.
The Thamesville United Church Pastoral Charge originally was a three point charge consisting of the smaller communities of Croton and Kent Bridge, as well as the Village of Thamesville and immediate surrounding area.
We strive to exceed accessibility standards for all persons.
Should you have a specific concern regarding accessibility, please feel free to contact us to address any concerns you may have.

Church Contact Information

Church office phone and answering machine: 519-692-4827

Member of Thamesville Pastoral Charge

Member of Antler River Watershed Regional Council


107 Elizabeth ST

Thamesville ON N0P 2K0

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Church Staff

Board Chairperson

Rhonda McLean


Millie Dick

519-692-4827 Wednesdays and Fridays

Music Director:

Dan Lankoff

Our Values:

Community - Faith is best lived out in community, caring for others, both locally and abroad.

Stewardship - We do the best we can with what we have, maintaining our building so that we can offer welcome, hospitality and service in areas of need and into the foreseeable future.

Personal Growth - Our faith encourages us to keep trying new ways to reach others. We do this through different events so we can all benefit from learning, growing and being in relationship with each other.